Sitio Remedios in Currimao, Ilocos Norte

Currimao in Ilocos Norte is a quaint and quiet town just a few municipalities from Ilocos Sur and to Laoag City. Little do people know that there is a resort called Sitio Remedios which is a sight to behold with its Ilocano-inspired houses and a beach that has a beautiful sunset. It is owned by the country’s top neurologist, a dedicated art connoisseur and philanthropist Dr. Joven Cuanang. I was there during the 2017 holy week where my group and I did a fashion show on Black Saturday to give tribute to the weavers of the Ilocano fabric called inabel specially woven by national treasure Magdalena Gamayo of Pinili. The works of two Ilocano designers were featured – the children’s wear of Nina Corpuz of Batac City and the creations of Edgar Madamba of San Nicolas.

The old world is ever present in the resort. Cobblestones line up the pathways going to the main area and the houses (or villas). Dr. Cuanang wants to preserve Sitio Remedios this way so that it will be different from nearby resorts and in the province as well.

One can experience nature at its best because the houses are surrounded by trees and plants. The architecture is reminiscent of the old Ilocos era sans wifi and television.

The beach and its fine sand is something worth traveling to the north. The sunset is picture-perfect. The ambience is romantic.

Breakfast is made up of Ilocano fare which are palatable to all types of visitors. If guests are plenty, dinner by the sea is something that Sitio Remedios offers.

Wedding receptions, family reunions, company outings and other special events are held in Sitio Remedios. It has venues where these can be held.

Interiors made from indigenous materials to have a rustic ambience that is typically Filipino and Ilocano are sights to behold. The red tiles that were used during the olden times are everywhere.

A fountain, a bellfry and a chapel are some of the many features the Sitio Remedios offers. It is a town within a town. It is a commune rather than just an ordinary resort.

When one wants to find peace and quiet away from the maddening crowd in the metropolis, Sitio Remedios is a perfect place to go to. Personally, it is one place where I found the quietness that I needed much.

Sitio Remedios can be reached via bus that ply the Laoag route. You may tell the conductor to stop at the Currimao crossing and take a tricycle to the resort which is just nearby. By air, you may take the flights going to Laoag and rent a van that will take you to Sitio Remedios.


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