Como: An Italian City Near the Alps

Como is an Italian city located at the northern part of the country and is near the border of Switzerland. It is considered a resort city sans the beach and the sea.

But it is known for its lake which is frequented by tourists. It is a picturesque area known to retirees and celebrities who make the city their second home. The atmosphere is very inviting and serene.

Despite Como’s proximity to Switzerland and distance to other local cities, the architecture and other buildings still have that Italian touch. It reminds everyone that you are still in Italy and not somewhere else.

Como is a city where the old and the new mix harmoniously. Even the old and the new generation live with happy co-existence. It is a city where the culture of the old and the new created a personality that is distinctly Como.

As in any other Italian city, churches are all over. Almost in every area, a church is within reach. This is a testament on how religious Italians are.

There are structures in the city that make Como unique. It is amazing to note how the people take care of their monuments. They are clean and widely revered by the locals.

My visit to Como was a refreshing. I was astounded at how the environment is being preserved and how the city’s atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

Many thanks to Laarni Silva for bringing us to Como. It was a trip that was worth the time.


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