Camarines Sur’s Pride — Naga City

Naga City is one of the Bicol Region’s foremost cities. It is one of its pride in terms of good governance. it earned the Seal of Good Governance for years and continues to pave the way for better governance by its leaders.

It is home to several churches which are not only popular among its people but among tourists, local or foreign as well. This goes to show that the Naga City people are very much the same as other Filipinos who are religious by nature.

Proof to the people’s religiosity is their devotion to Our Lady of Penafrancia which is celebrated every September which draws a lot of devotees from all parts of the country. Several foreigners also take part in this annual pilgrimage.

It is in this light that several hotels have been built to accommodate the influx of tourists not only during the Penafrancia festivities but throughout the whole year. Naga City has its share of visitors who would like to relish the hospitality of the people.

Of course, a trip to any Philippine city would not be complete without tasting the local fare. Naga City has restaurants that serve delicacies that are modern yet Bicolnon by origin. Aside from the usual fastfood chains, home-grown eating places abound.

Naga City is where you can find two of the best educational institutions — Ateneo de Naga University and the University of Nueva Caceres. They offer the best learnings that students can get. But, of course, other schools cannot be outdone.

With the construction boom of subdivisions in the city, it is safe to say that Naga is one place where families can live in peace. It is also a manifestation that the standard of life there has become more cosmopolitan through the years.

They say that traffic is a sign of progress especially in a highly-urbanized city. Yes, Naga City may be experiencing traffic their own style but isn’t it a sign that the city is becoming an important hub in the Bicol Region?

This landlocked city in Camarines Sur can be accessed by air and land. I just hope that Naga will have its own airport. It’s airport is located in Pili town which is just nearby.

With it distinct character and appeal, it is not hard to love Naga City, the pride of Camarines Sur.


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