Brunei…Small but Rich Sultanate

Another place that I visited in Borneo Island is the country of Brunei Darussalam. A member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Brunei is one rich country despite its size.

It solely depends on oil as its main industry. It sits at the south of South China Sea where oil is said to be in abundance.

The country does not boast of any other industry other than oil. The effective leadership of its Sultan has kept the ringgit almost at the same level with the US dollar. The monarchy has shaped Brunei to what it is now.

Despite the modern times, it has kept its natural resources intact. The river village is teeming with activities by its residents. It has become a tourist attraction of sorts.


Malls have sprung up these past years. Visitors from neighboring cities in Malaysia have made Brunei a shopping haven for goods coming from Europe. Since it has limited land area, this oil-rich nation has turned to importation of goods as well as services from other countries.

Slowly, infrastructure are being built for business and the economy to flourish. The monarchy sees to it that the services needed by its people are being rendered.

Muslim architecture is very evident especially in worship areas. Mosques are revered places in this strict Islamic society.

Despite the observance of stringent Muslim practices, Brunei is open to visitors who would like to appreciate it. It is home to a hospitable people typical of the Asian culture.

One can go to Brunei via air from your country or through land trip from Malaysia (Miri). Hotels are already in place for visitors. Buses ply routes that go around Bandar Seri Bagawan, the capital city. Taxis are also available for the convenience of discriminating tourists but it is best to go around the city by bus. Besides, it’s also a way of knowing the culture of Brunei by mingling with its people.

One thing I noticed, most, if not all, blue-collar workers are not Bruneians. Most of those I met are from Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

If one wants a quaint trip abroad, Brunei is one place to visit. Marvel at how rich its culture is. Savor the food that is authentically Bruneian. Be part of a small but rich sultanate that is Brunei Darussalam.