In New York City, the Dream is Real

New York City is one place that left a good imprint in me. When I went there, I said to myself that I will never get tired of going back and forth. It is one city that makes me feel at ease and comfortable. Roaming in the streets of New York City is like going through a orderly mess. Messy because people are all over. Orderly because the city layout is very well planned.

Times Square is a must-visit area in New York City. Waves and waves of tourists have their pictures taken in its iconic establishments. Shops, restaurants, hotels and theaters are abounty. This place makes truth to the cliche that New York is a city that doesn’t sleep. 24/7, hordes go to Times Square to experience what it is to be like in New York City.

Despite the seeming modernity of the city, some buildings still have the architecture of years gone by. They are sights to behold in this concrete jungle.

Central Park is one place that is a breath of fresh air both literally and figuratively. This is one big block of trees and water that the city has preserved. It is also a place where residents go to during free times. Despite the busy atmosphere of New York City, Central Park provides a semblance of nature in a metropolitan setting.

Going around the city is easy. Aside from the regular trips in the subway, yellow cabs are all around. Then, there are the double-decker buses that bring tourists around. But, of course, walking is still the best way to explore New York City. There are a lot of places to discover.

Traversing the streets of the city, you can find a myriad of many things that might be of your interest. It is a melting pot of matters, trivial or important, that make the city’s personality unique.

New York City is a dream place for artists especially in the fields of theater and fashion. Broadway shows the latest musical plays while New York Fashion Week is said to be the most-awaited fashion event worldwide.

Since I was young, it has been my fervent wish to visit New York City. It came true in 2010. My dream has come to fruition. But, still, I yearn to be back in the city that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and where the jungle is really concrete.


Missing Manado (Indonesia)

A few years ago, I had the privilege of visiting Manado in the Province of Sulawesi Utara or North Sulawesi, Indonesia.  It is a fast-rising city that side of the Indonesian archipelago which is just a few miles south of Davao City.  The Manado trip was my first outside the Philippines (you can just imagine how many years ago that was).

Honestly, I was surprised to see that Manado is fast-becoming a bustling city in Indonesia.  Despite the forthcoming modernity, it has maintained its charm and allure.  Buildings are beginning to mushroom and businesses have sprung up.  Its population is also increasing through the years.

One thing that I have observed is the cleanliness of the city.  I thought that it being too far from the capital city of Jakarta, Manado would look like an area which is far from development.  But I was wrong.  It is because of the effective governance of its local government that it has breezed through with ease.  It is a city which can be called major in a few years.  It is one dive site where one can enjoy the beauty of nature at its best.

Hotels and resorts have been built to accommodate the influx of tourists.  Novotel Manado, where I stayed, is one hotel which gives five star service to its clients.  It has an infinity pool that has a good view of Manado Bay.  Other hotels are also available for the comfort of visitors.

Regular flights to this Indonesia city from Davao City have ceased a few years back but sometimes, there are chartered flights that ply the route.  Safely, one can fly to Jakarta first then take a domestic flight to Manado.

Should you decide to travel to Indonesia in a place less visited, Manado is a must-try.  Its peace and order is one of the best in the archipelago.  For whatever it may offer, it’s for you to find out.  And, yes, I miss Manado.