San Marino: The World’s Oldest and One Tiny Republic

San Marino may not be as popular as Italy, the country in which it is locked from, but it is the world’s oldest republic. Add to that is the distinction of being the world’s tiniest republic. Nestled in between the northeast and central east side of Italy, it is considered as the retirement place for most Italians.

You may wonder why there is such a republic within Italy. History will reveal a lot of happenings in the region leading the the declaration of San Marino as a republic. But never be deceived by its size because it is one of the world’s wealthiest in terms of GDP. The figures can be compared to most developed regions in Europe.

The country seems to be a quiet place but shopping hounds should make this a stop whenever they are in the region. It is to no wonder why it is a tourist haven because shopping is cheap. Since it is part of the European Union, the currency being used is the Euro.

Since San Marino is part of Europe whose people are ninety percent Roman Catholic, you can find museums, churches and castles that are just usual in the area. The whole country speaks of a rich history that made it exist on its own.

Business establishments thrive from the influx of tourists that arrive in the country. Italians as well as people from other countries visit San Marino mainly for shopping. Since it is tiny, there are not much to see.

San Marino has no airport to boast but you can go there via Venice or Bologna. Even if there is not much to see there, a visit to the republic is an educational one. Definitely, it is a country far different from Italy. San Marino has its own personality.

Many thanks to Ms. Delia Gabatin for bringing our group to San Marino. Never have I thought that I will be able to visit the world’s oldest and one of the tiniest republics.